Draco's Pictures and References

Camelot Cattle Co Draco

2016 ADGA Nubian Buck

Draco as a yearling

Draco is exactly what we were breeding for when we paired Lytle Puff and Chrome. He was born March 2016 in a set of triplets. He is long, level, correct, with long, elegant ears and nice head. He has pliable dairy skin, open flat ribs, natural wide stance and open escutcheon. With his dam's fantastic udder and production behind him and his sire's production and udders backing that up, he is simply exemplary. And, just to top that off, he is absolutely covered in moonspots and splashes for the wildest colored goat we've had yet! Our only regret is that Puff had triplet bucklings and didn't give us any doelings! We will repeat this breeding to try for a doeling to retain! 

Draco sired his first kids in 2017...a beautiful set of triplets out of Flirty including two doelings we are retaining...very pleased with what he produced! His 2017 appraisal shows Very Good Front and Rear Legs and Excellent Feet with a Final Score of 82 as a yearling.

Draco went to work in a new herd as of 2018 but we retained one last Draco daughter out of Missy's 2018 litter and are really looking forward to seeing what his three daughters can do in our herd.

Pictured below at about 7 weeks of age.

Draco at 3 days of age--yes, same goat...the beautiful results of moonspots! :)

Draco's Dam
Draco's Sire

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