Mystique's Pictures and References

Camelot Cattle Co Mystique 5*M Ex91 (VEEE)


2020 ADGA Nubian Doe



Mystique - 3rd lactation 

Mystique was an eagerly awaited doeling out of our lovely Elite multiple time Breed Leader Top Ten doe SG Camelot Cattle Co Mischief 2*M Ex90 and Camelot Cattle Co Chrome Ex90. She is a strong doeling with lots of body capacity and beautiful dairy skin and should excel in production and type. Looking forward to seeing what she does in our herd.

2022: Mystique was bred to +*B Sweet-Spring Calvin Klein Ex91 and had adorable twins on March 19, 2022. She freshened in with an absolutely gorgeous udder. It is extremely high and widely attached in the rear with a snug, long foreudder, lovely MSL and well placed teats with wonderful dairy quality. On her first milk test she milked 10 lbs, quickly increasing to 11.6 lbs by her second test. We are quite pleased with her. 
Mystique appraised excellent in general appearance, body, mammary, shoulder assembly, front legs and rear legs and very good in dairy strength, feet and back with a final score of V89 (EVEE) and the comment that she would have easily been overall excellent if she was allowed to as a first freshener. Mystique scored those hard to achieve 40s in the three udder traits of fore udder attachment (43), rear udder height (46) and rear udder arch (42). We are repeating the breeding that produced Mystique in hopes of retaining at least one full sister to her. 

2023: Mystique was bred to *B Wingwood Farm FA Abraxan and kidded beautiful b/d twins on March 15, 2023. Both are being retained and we will be repeating this breeding. Mystique looks absolutely fantastic this year and milked over 12 lbs on her first 2023 milk test. I would not be surprised to see her follow in her dam's footsteps and end up among the Top Ten Breed Leader lists soon. I can't state enough how stunning this doe is - I would take a whole herd of her.
Mystique was appraised quite late into her second lactation and still went excellent in mammary, body and dairy strength with a final score of Ex90 (VEEE).

2024: Mystique was bred to *B Wingwood Farm FA Abraxan and had beautiful quads in March 2024. One buckling is being retained. Mystique looks amazing this year and is milking well over 15 lbs a day right off the bat. 
Mystique's 2024 appraisal shows her Excellent in shoulder assembly, front legs, back, dairy strength, body capacity and mammary; Very Good in head, rump and general appearance; 3 in rear udder side view with a final score of Ex91 (EEEE).

2025 reserved kid price: $2000 - please check our Breeding Plans to see which buck she will be bred to.

Mystique as a second freshener

Mystique as a first freshener

More photos of Mystique as a dry yearling (click on thumbnails to view)

Mystique as a bottle kid (click on thumbnails to view)

Multiple time Top Ten Breed Leader and Elite doe: Mystique's Dam

Top Ten Breed Leader Sire: Mystique's Sire

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