Camelot Cattle Company


How does buying your milk work? New milk customers come by appointment only so we can show how it works in person. First time customers will pay a bottle deposit on each half gallon glass bottle and also pay for the milk. Established customers bring their clean empty bottles to swap out for full bottles. Empties are left on the store counter, a note is left with the milk money in the box (no new bottle deposits unless more bottles are needed), and then get their milk out of the fridge. We do recommend that you bring a cooler to transport your milk. 

Do you sell cream or butter? Our customers (and us!) love the milk with ALL it's delicious cream; we have no market for skimmed milk. Because of this, we do not sell cream by itself or butter but many of our customers pour or scoop the cream off their milk themselves when they want to make butter, put cream in their coffee or make whipped cream. 

When are you open for milk customers? Once you are an established customer you can come any time. Our store is set up so customers can self-serve and we never close. Seriously. We have to milk every 12 hours 365 days a year so the store is open every single day, even on holidays, even in inclement weather.  

What forms of payment do you accept for milk? We prefer cash but we can accept checks as well. 

Can we bring our own milk bottles? For quality control all customers are required to use our milk bottles.

Do you deliver? Our milk is only available in our store - we do not deliver. We do, however, have customers who put groups together and send one individual to pick up milk for their group so in that way, "delivery" is possible with family or friends.