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Here you can meet our wonderful Jersey girls who provide us with their delicious, healthy milk. For information on their care, milking process, and products please see the pages Raw Milk and Milking Parlor. This page is just for the girls. 
For those not familiar with registered dairy cows, you'll notice that all of our Jersey's names begin with Ronde...that is our AJCA registered prefix which shows that we are the breeder of that cow. This prefix originated from Marc's father, Ron DeLong, who started the dairy in 1973. The sire's name is usually the next part of the cow's registered name, followed by her individual name which will typically start with the same letter as her dam's started with. Some we call by their individual names but several have nicknames we use around the farm.

Ronde Golden QT EX94, pictured at 9 years old. Born October 2007.

QT, affectionately called Grandma around the barn, peaks around 70 lbs of milk a day.


Ronde Golden QT EX94, pictured at 8 yrs of age.

 Ronde George Quire EX92, daughter of Ronde Golden QT, pictured as 3rd calf 4 yr old. Born June 2011

Quire peaks around 70-80 pounds of milk a day with very steady lactation curve.


Ronde Governor Quickie EX94, pictured as 7 year old. Born May 2010.

This beautiful girl is a hard worker, milking 85-90+ pounds a day, and is our highest butterfat producer.

Ronde Exclamation Qadira EX93 pictured as a 2nd calf 3 year old.
Born Sept 2013

Qadira peaks around 70 pounds a day.

Ronde Grandious Qalypso VG88, 2018 cow out of Quickie

Picture coming soon

Ronde PC Gun Hadassah VG88, April 2016 heifer out of Hadara. Pictured as a 4 year old dry cow.

Ronde Premier Hot Topic Ex91 (maxed out), March 2017 heifer out of Hadara. Pictured as a 2nd calf 3 year old.

Ronde Grandious Quaintrelle Ex90, June 2017 heifer out of Quire

Picture coming soon

Crossbrooke Andreas Festive VG88, December 2016 heifer

Picture coming soon

Ronde Grandious Quinevere, June 2018 heifer out of Quervo

Picture coming soon

Ronde VIP Hermione, 2018 heifer out of Hadara

Picture coming soon

FLM Joel Forte, August 2019 bull out of FLM Action Fairy Ex95

Picture coming soon


Reference - KCJF Applejack By Design, 1-1-2016 Applejack son out of WF Legion Dayna Ex95

By Design's Ex95 dam, Dayna.

Reference - Ronde George Quantas EX93, pictured as a 3rd calf 4 yr old. Born Sept 2011.

Quantas a.k.a. Monkey peaks around 60 pounds of milk a day.

Reference - Ronde Tequila Qapuchin EX90, January 2016 cow out of Quantas. Pictured as a 2nd calf 3 year old.

Reference - Ronde Tequila Quervo VG87 as first calf 2 yr old, January 2015 heifer out of Quire. Pictured as second calf 3 yr old.

Reference - Ronde Exclamation Hadara maxed out at EX91, pictured as 2nd calf 3 year old.
Born Dec 2013, out of Ronde Libido Honey Ex94


Ronde Crown Quota EX 91, two-time Champion at OEF, Quickie's dam.

Bouncer Juno Queenie EX92--This cow is the foundation cow of everyone in our herd with few exceptions.

Sparkler Juno Di EX95--3rd at 1999 World Dairy Expo, daughter of Queenie

 Sparkler Juno Di (EX95) and Ronde Renaissance Renny (EX91) First Place Produce of Dam at 1999 World Dairy Expo, daughters of Queenie

Ronde Golden Dichelle EX94, daughter of Di

No Photo Available

Ronde Councelor Isabella EX93--3 Time Grand Champion at OEF-only time done in history

"And the cow and the bear shall eat together; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. The land will be as full of knowledge of the Lord as the seas are full of water." Isa 11:7-9

"For every beast of the forest is Mine, The cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird of the mountains, And everything that moves in the field is Mine." Psalms 50:10-11

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