Fawkes' Pictures and References

Camelot Cattle Co Fawkes 2*M V88 (VVEV)


2017 ADGA Nubian Doe


Fawkes as a second freshener.

2017: This was a repeat breeding since the previous year we got a litter full of beautiful bucklings but we wanted a doeling to retain. Puff cooperated and gave us triplet doelings...we took full advantage and retained all of them including this beauty! Fawkes is out of our wonderful Puff, sired by Chrome. Fawkes is beautiful, correct, and has surprising width and strength throughout. She should also put on a lovely productive udder with her genetics. Can't wait to see this girl mature! 

2019: Fawkes was bred to Onyx for March 2019 kids and she had beautiful triplets; two does and a buck. Her first freshening udder came in absolutely lovely with wonderful attachments and ideal teat size with nice placement. Unfortunately just a few weeks into her first lactation she somehow injured one side of her udder and lost production in that half. Even so, she still milked 9 lbs out of just that side and easily earned her milk star. She also appraised V88 (VVEV) showing Excellence in front legs and body.

2020: Fawkes was bred to GCH +*B Sweet-Spring Calvin Klein Ex91 for 2020 kids and had lovely twin doelings on March 9. Unfortunately the injured half of her udder did not come to milk as we had hoped but she is being impressively productive nevertheless, milking 11 lbs on her first 2020 test and peaking at 15 lbs. Fawkes even found herself among the breed leaders coming in as #4 in butterfat production nation-wide. 

2021: Fawkes was bred to *B Camelot Cattle Co Oliver Wood and had beautiful twins on March 4. The doeling is being retained.

Fawkes' 2022 breeding: *B Camelot Cattle Co Dante

2022 reserved kid price: $1500

Fawkes about 6 months into her first lactation (click on thumbnails to view)

Fawkes as a first freshener (click on thumbnails to view)

Fawkes as a dry yearling (click on thumbnails to view)

Fawkes at about 2 weeks of age.


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