Puff's Pictures and References

Nubilop Acres Lytle Puff 1*M V89 (VE+E)

2013 ADGA Nubian Doe


Pictured as a 4 year old

2013: Lytle Puff is such a lovely young doe, so long and tall and very dairy with beautiful long, bell-shaped ears. She has a long, dairy neck that ties in beautifully with her withers and moves into a long topline and wide rump. Good depth of body and nice brisket, standing on correct legs and feet. She has a high, wide escutcheon and all with that beautiful strawberry blonde silky coat...I could go on and on about this lovely girl. Her mother is one of the nicest does we've ever seen, a permanent champion and several Best of Breed wins as well as Best In Show. She scored excellent in body capacity and mammary. Puff's sire speaks for himself scoring EX-90...Lytle Puff is a fantastic addition to our herd! 

2015: Puff freshened 3-16-15 with beautiful twin doelings sired by Kiko. Puff has a lovely, well-attached udder with well placed teats and nice foreudder. Her rear udder is so high, wide and round, it really pops. She is a dream to milk with excellent udder texture like warm butter that milks out quickly through perfect orifices. She gave over 9 pounds a day as a first freshener...we are very pleased with her! 

2016: Puff freshened 3-14-16 with triplet bucklings sired by Camelot Cattle Co Chrome. They are the loveliest kids we have ever had and it's hard to believe but her second freshening udder is even better than her first! During her peak she milked 10 lbs and she is a very consistent milker without much drop from peak through the year. Puff appraised this year at VG88 with an Excellent in Mammary (VVVE) as well as Excellents in front legs and udder texture.

2017: Puff was bred to Chrome and had lovely triplet doelings on March 13, 2017 and she looks fantastic! She milked 10.6 lbs on her first 2017 milk test at just 11 days fresh and qualified for her milk star in milk, fat, and protein easily her first lactation on DHIR. Her 2017 appraisal shows her being Excellent in Dairy Strength and Mammary with Very Good General Appearance with a Final Score of V89.

2018: Puff was bred to Tolkien for 2018 and had beautiful quads on February 26; 2 doelings and 2 bucklings. She freshened in with her lovely, productive, superb quality udder as usual. First 2018 test shows her milking 11.4 lbs and peaking at 12 lbs. She looks fantastic but unfortunately ADGA wasn't able to accommodate our herd for the 2018 season so we don't have new linear scores this year. 

2019: Puff was bred to Moose for 2019 and had beautiful triplets on March 3; 2 bucklings and 1 doeling. She freshened, as always, with her beautiful, buttery soft, quality udder and solid production, milking 12 lbs a day. Her three first freshening daughters this year all inherited her lovely mammary all milking 7-10 lbs a day as first fresheners. We couldn't be more pleased with Puff's transmitting abilities! Puff's first freshening daughters this year appraised very well with Lily at V86, Fawkes at V88, and Veela maxing out at V89. Puff's 2019 lactation shows her milking 3070 lbs.

2020: Puff was bred to GCH +*B Sweet-Spring Calvin Klein for 2020 kids and had lovely triplets on March 2; 2 bucklings and 1 doeling. She freshened with her signature lovely udder and started off 2020 milking 12 lbs and quickly peaked and leveled off at a consistent 14 lbs a day. 

2021: Puff was bred to *B Camelot Cattle Co Oliver Wood for 2021 and had a big, gorgeous buck kid on March 5. We will be repeating this breeding in hope of some doelings next year. Worth noting that one of Puff's daughters (Camelot Cattle Co Fawkes) made the 2020 Top Ten Breed Leader list!

2022: Puff was bred to *B Camelot Cattle Co Oliver Wood and had a lovely doeling on March 21 that we retained. This is really a lovely breeding. We are doing our best to dry Puff off early this year to give her a little break. 

2023: Puff was bred to Camelot Cattle Co Moose for 2023 kids but unfortunately she lost her pregnancy so she will be taking 2023 off. We may or may not breed Puff again - she has earned retirement if that is what she needs.

2024: Puff took the year off and is enjoying being a pasture ornament this year.

2025 reserved kid price: none available - please check our Breeding Plans to see which buck she will be bred to.

Puff ready to milk and milked out

Puff about 6 months into her 5th lactation (click on thumbnails to view)

Puff as a second freshener (click on thumbnails to view)

Puff as a first freshener (click on thumbnails to view)

Puff as a dry yearling (click on thumbnails to view)

Puff at about 5 months of age (click on thumbnails to view)

Puff References

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Other References:

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Puff's G6S Results: