Veela's Pictures and References

Camelot Cattle Co Veela 2*M V89 (VEEE)


2017 ADGA Nubian Doe

Veela is out of our wonderful Puff, sired by Chrome. Veela is beautiful, elegant and should put on a lovely productive udder with her genetics. Can't wait to see this girl mature!

Veela was bred to Calvin for 2019 kids and had gorgeous triplets on March 28. Her first freshening udder is phenomenal with lovely dairy quality, well-placed teats, wonderful attachments, and plenty of capacity. She milked over 9 lbs on her first test and is peaking close to 10 lbs.

Veela appraised at V89 (VEEE), the maximum score allowed for a first freshener! She shows excellence in rear legs, back, dairy strength, body and mammary.

Veela was bred to *B Camelot Cattle Co Dante for 2020 kids and had gorgeous triplets on March 2. She has gone to work in a different herd now but we did retain her 2020 doeling. 

Veela's first freshening udder just 6 days fresh.

Veela's first freshening udder 6 weeks fresh

Veela as a dry yearling (click on the thumbnails to view)

Veela's Dam
Veela's Sire

Veela's daughters:

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