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(+B pending) Camelot Cattle Co Chrome Ex90 (EVE)

2014 ADGA Nubian Buck

~Multiple Top Ten Breed Leader Sire~

2014: Chrome was born June 27, 2014. He is sired by Kiko and out of Nubilop-Acres There She Is. Not only is this boy fancy, he is also correct with very good legs, feet, and shoulder assembly and nice breed character. He has wonderful length, depth and width everywhere, with a strong level topline and long, wide, level rump. He has pliable skin, sharp withers, fantastic spring of rib, and impressive body capacity. Adding in his wonderful genetics with his EX90 sire and his dam's gorgeous udder and milking ability (10+ pounds per day as a first freshener)--we couldn't do anything except retain him as a herdsire. Now that he has had a couple kid crops on the ground, we are quite justified in retaining him as he is really making some super nice kids! I have no doubt his daughters will be putting on some great, productive udders. 

Chrome's littermate twin sister, Camelot Cattle Co Nutmeg, freshened as a 2 year old with a beautiful, productive udder. Nutmeg's owner says, "Nutmeg freshened for the first time in March [2016] with triplet doelings. She is doing an outstanding job, feeding them, and sharing with me as well! Nutmeg is a laid back, easy keeper, but obviously hardworking. I can't say enough good things about this doe."

2016: Chrome appraised VG85 (V+V) as a yearling.

2017: Chrome appraised with Very Good Head, Shoulder Assembly, General Appearance, Body, Front Legs and Feet, Excellent in Rear Legs and Dairy Strength with a Final Score of VG87 (VEV). 

2018: We have retained 4 daughters and two sons up to this point sired by Chrome. We are just ecstatic with what he is producing for us. Unfortunately this year, when Chrome is looking better than ever, ADGA wasn't able to accommodate our herd for the 2018 season so we don't have new linear scores this year. 

2019: We have 3 first freshening Chrome daughters this year. They are all lovely with wonderful production and scored V86, V88 and V89 (V89 is as high as a first freshener is allowed to be scored). Chrome's full sister scored E90 (VVEE). We have yet to be disappointed by this buck.

2020: Chrome's daughter, Camelot Cattle Co Fawkes made the Top Ten breed leader list for 2020, coming in as #4 in butterfat production with over 3300 lbs of milk and over 180 lbs of butterfat - worth mentioning that she also freshened with only half a productive udder due to injury!

2021: Two Chrome daughters made the Top Ten Breed Leader list for 2021: Camelot Cattle Co Fawkes 2*M V88 and Camelot Cattle Co Harley Quinn 2*M Ex91. 

2022: Chrome appraised excellent in general appearance and body as well as shoulder assembly and rear legs and very good head, back and rump with a final score of Ex90 (EVE). He has multiple progeny scoring as high as Ex91.  When ADGA gets around to updating their data, he also earned his +B through his daughters from different dams.

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Chrome's References

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