Dahlia's Pictures and References

Camelot Cattle Co Dahlia 1*M E90 (VVEE)

2015 ADGA Nubian Doe

Dahlia has length, width, and very good body capacity. With the pedigree behind her along with her dam's fantastic udder and ability to milk (10+ pounds per day as a first freshener)...Dahlia is being retained. Her dam, There She Is, has a very well attached udder with a lovely, long fore udder and a high, wide rear udder. She milks out quickly and down to nothing with wonderful udder quality. She is out of one of the best looking does we've ever seen (Mojave-Dunes PS Violet) who became a permanent champion early in the 2013 show season with 2013 show records including 4X Senior Champion, 1X Reserve Sr. Champion, 6X Best Of Breed, 1X Best Udder Of Breed and 1X Best Doe in Show. She scored excellent in dairy strength, body capacity, and mammary with overall score of EX-90. There She Is's sire's dam scored EX-92 (EEEE) as a 4 year old. Then, of course, Dahlia's sire, Kiko, who scored EX-90 and always gives us wonderful kids and has his own claim on beautiful, productive goats. Dahlia's full brother is our very own wonderful Camelot Cattle Co Chrome who sired one of our Top Ten Breed Leader does!

Dahlia was bred to Onyx for 2017 kids and freshened on Feb 24 with beautiful twins, a buckling and a doeling. She freshened with a lovely, well attached udder that high and wide with a long, smooth foreudder. She milks out quickly and easily with fantastic dairy quality to her udder. She milked 7 pounds and earned her star as a first freshener.  Her 2017 appraisal lists Very Good Front and Rear Legs and Feet, Udder Texture, and Dairy Strength with a Final Score of 83.

Dahlia was bred to Onyx for March 2018 kids and had lovely twin doelings. Her udder capacity has increased nicely her second lactation and she milks out fast with amazing dairy quality. Dahlia started off her first 2018 milk test with 10.8 pounds, peaking over 11 lbs a day. Dahlia looks phenomenal this year but unfortunately ADGA wasn't able to accommodate our herd for the 2018 season so she won't be getting a new linear score until next year. 

Dahlia was bred to Onyx for 2019 and she had gorgeous, flashy triplets in March. Her udder has matured nicely this year; she is just looking lovely! Her first milk test at just 13 days in milk shows her milking well over 11 lbs. She appraised E90 (VVEE) showing excellence in rear legs, back, body and mammary.

2020: Dahlia was bred to *B Camelot Cattle Co Dante for 2020 kids and had twins on March 2. She freshened in looking lovely and milked 11.2 lbs on her first 2020 test. In May 2020 she went to work in a new herd. We have retained a Dahlia daughter and we are still using Dahlia's full brother, Chrome, as herdsire so plenty of her genetics remain in our herd.

Dahlia's first freshening udder in March 2017.

Dahlia as a second freshener

Dahlia as a bottle kid (click on thumbnails to view)

Dahlia's dam, etc

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Dahlia's daughters:

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Dahlia's Other References:

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Dahlia's G6S Results