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Cozy Creek Camelot Kiko EX90

2013 ADGA Nubian Buck

Kiko as a yearling

Kiko is an exceptional buck with a gorgeous roman head and fantastic long bell shaped ears. He is very big, strong, and very open ribbed and deep bodied with a beautiful brisket. He has the widest, highest escutcheon I have ever seen, so round at the top...his daughters will have plenty of room for wide, high udders! As strong as he is, there is no doubt it is dairy strength with his pliable skin, flat bones, and sharp withers. He has an outgoing and very friendly personality, very affectionate and easy buck to handle. He was born March 23, 2013 in a set of twins out of Cleo and Copper. Cleo's dam scored excellent in mammary and dairy strength and Copper's sire scored EX-91.

Kiko has put some fantastic, correct, promising kids on the ground. Kiko's twin sister freshened as a 2 year old with a beautiful, well-attached udder, high and wide and well-placed teats. Kiko's first daughter to freshen is a full sister to our other herdsire Chrome and she has a beautiful, productive udder with good attachments and well-placed teats. We are very pleased with what Kiko is producing!

2016: Kiko appraised EX90 with Excellents in shoulder assembly, legs (front and rear), back, and general appearance. 


Just a couple days old


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