Moose's Pictures and References

Camelot Cattle Co Moose E91 (EEE)

2018 ADGA Nubian Buck

~Brother to Elite Top Ten Breed Leaders on top and bottom~

Moose pictured as a 3 year old

2018: Moose is a long awaited buckling out of Flirty and Chrome. We always get lovely kids from this breeding. We are looking forward to seeing the productive udders on his daughters. He is a wonderful example of a Nubian with width, depth, and strength a good dairy goat needs to support production. He is very correct with a lovely topline and rump and impressive body capacity even as a kid. He is a maternal brother to our wonderful Elite SG Camelot Cattle Co Mischief 2*M Ex90. 

2021: This beautiful buck continues to impress. His first freshening daughter this year is just absolutely lovely with a productive mammary that I can't fault in any way. He also has a maternal sister who made the Top Ten Breed Leader lists two years in a row and a paternal sister who was included in the 2020 Top Ten breed leader list!

2022: Moose was appraised for the first time and appraised excellent in all three major categories - general appearance, dairy strength and body - as well as shoulder assembly, front legs, back and rump and very good in head with a final score of E91 (EEE). Moose's full littermate sister also appraised for the first time this year at E91 (EEEE).

Moose as a 2 year old

Moose as a yearling (click on the thumbnails to view)

Moose as a bottle kid (click on thumbnails to view)


Moose's Dam

Moose's Sire

Moose daughters

Moose daughter, Camelot Cattle Co Charlie (2*M pending): Charlie's Page

Other References

Moose's maternal sister SG Camelot Cattle Co Mischief 2*M ~Elite Doe and 
multiple time Top Ten Breed Leader in milk, protein and butterfat~ :  Mischief's Page

Top Ten Breed Leader Camelot Cattle Co Fawkes 2*M - Fawkes and Moose share the same sire and their dams are paternal sisters: Fawkes's Page

Camelot Cattle Co Veela 2*M (maxed out at VG89 as a FF) - Veela and Moose share the same sire and their dams are paternal sisters: Veela's Page

Camelot Cattle Co Lily 2*M - Lily and Moose share the same sire and their dams are paternal sisters: Lily's Page

Moose's full littermate sister Camelot Cattle Co Harley Quinn 2*M: Harley's Page

Moose's sire's full sister Camelot Cattle Co Dahlia 1*M Ex90: Dahlia's Page