Mischief's Pictures and References

SG Camelot Cattle Co Mischief 4*M Ex90 (VEEV)

2016 ADGA Nubian Doe

Superior Genetics - Breed Leader - Elite

**Multiple time ELITE Doe**

**2019, 2020 and 2021 Top Ten Breed Leader Doe**

Leading her breed nation-wide at #1 in Milk, #2 in Butterfat and #5 in Protein in 2020


Missy pictured as a second freshener

2016: This sweetheart was out of Flirty's 2016 triplets and sired by Onyx. Mischief (aka Missy) is a beautiful, correct, elegant doeling and we can't wait to see the productive udder she puts on...she should really milk with her dam and sire being who they are. Just loving her deep chocolate roan with just a little splash of color. She has lovely dairy skin and so long! Long level topline going into a long level rump and long flat-boned legs...she is just fantastic. 

2018: Missy was bred to Draco and had beautiful twins on March 12, 2018. One doe and one buck. We are very pleased with her first freshening udder as well with a socked-on mammary system that milks out very quickly. Very smooth, long fore udder and high, wide rear udder with nice teats...and attachments to spare! She certainly has the genetics to be a top producer and she started off her very first 2018 test wonderfully milking 8.4 pounds as a first freshener just a couple of weeks fresh. She then continued on a steady curve and at 141 days into her first lactation she earned her milk star and still peaking, milking 11.4 lbs. 

Missy's 2018 305 ME was over 3500 lbs as a first freshener. She is the kind of doe that I wouldn't mind having a whole herd of. She obviously has a will to milk, she is very quick and easy to milk out and she is a low maintenance doe. On top of that, she looks absolutely fantastic! Unfortunately ADGA wasn't able to accommodate our herd for the 2018 season so she won't be getting a linear score until next year. 

2019: Missy was bred to Calvin for 2019 kids and had lovely triplets; two bucks and a doe. We are retaining a buck for our herd. She freshened with that same socked on, productive udder as last year, milking 13 lbs right off the bat and holding steady as usual, making her one of our top producers along with her dam. Missy appraised Ex90 (VVEE) showing excellence in body and mammary. She also made the December 2019 ELITE doe list and earned Superior Genetics status. Her 2019 lactation shows her milking 3778 lbs, landing her among the 2019 breed leaders Top Ten does in all three categories (#3 in milk, #3 in butterfat and #9 in protein).

2020: Missy was bred to Camelot Cattle Co Chrome for 2020 and had gorgeous twins on March 7. She freshened in looking wonderful and milking well as usual with her first test just a few weeks fresh showing 10 lbs and quickly peaking at 16 lbs a day. Her 2020 lactation put her in the prestigious position of being the #1 milk producer in the nation as well as #2 in butterfat production and #5 in protein. We are very proud of this beautiful, productive doe!

2021: Missy was bred to GCH +*B Sweet-Spring Calvin Klein Ex91 and had a huge, stunning buckling on March 5. This breeding will be repeated. Missy found herself among the Top Ten Breed Leaders for the third consecutive year.

2022: Missy was bred to GCH +*B Sweet-Spring Calvin Klein Ex91 and had twins on March 16, 2022. Starting off 2022 milking 14 lbs. Missy appraised excellent in dairy strength, body, front legs and rump and very good in general appearance, mammary, shoulder assembly and back with a final score of Ex90 (VEEV).

2023: Missy was bred to Camelot Cattle Co Chrome Ex90 and had lovely twin doelings on March 16, 2023. We will be retaining one and repeating this breeding as it produced our stunning Camelot Cattle Co Mystique 3*M who maxed out at V89 as a FF and is a dream to milk and really puts it in the pail!

2024 breeding: Camelot Cattle Co Chrome Ex90

2024 reserved kid price: $2000

Missy December 2021

Photos of Missy as a second freshener, including full and milked out udder (click thumbnails to view)

Missy as a first freshener (click thumbnails to view)

Missy as a dry yearling (Click thumbnails to view)

Missy as a bottle kid (click thumbnails to view)


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