Onyx's Pictures and References

+*B Tamris Farm Sap's Onyx V87 (VEE)

2014 ADGA Nubian Buck

~2021 CDCB Top Buck ranked at 96 percentile~~Elite Buck~

~2022 CDCB Top Buck ranked at 97 percentile~~Elite Buck~

~Top Ten Breed Leader and Elite sire~

Onyx as a yearling

We are very excited about having Onyx as a herdsire! We had him shipped in from Tamris Farm in northern California in June 2015. Onyx is a very big boy (200 lbs as a yearling) from very strong bloodlines. His dam is SGCH Tamris Farm Sapphire 10*M Elite Doe (top 99% of Nubian milkers) with an Ex 91 (EEEE) score. Sapphire has an impressive show record even with limited showing, being 2 X Reserve Champion as a Junior doe, 1 X Reserve Champion as a yearling milker and 2 X Grand Champion as a yearling milker. As a 2 year old milker she was 1 X Reserve Champion and 3 X Grand Champion and 3 X Best of Breed. As a 3 year old milker she was 6 X Best of Breed, 3 X Best Doe in Show, and 1 X Best Udder in Show. As a 4 year old milker she was 1 X Reserve Champion, 3 X Best of Breed and 1 X Best Doe in Show. She has an impressive DHIR record as well, as a 4 year old, on a 304 day lactation, she milked 3810 with 169 fat and 141 protein and in 2015, she milked 3820 with 212 fat and 146 protein. She is milking through 2016 and at 363 days in milk still tested at 8 lbs. Not only is she on the Top Ten list but she was #5 for production, #6 for butterfat, and #5 for protein in 2014.

*Update on Sapphire, Onyx's dam: Sapphire made the USDA-DHIA Elite Doe list again as well as ADGA Top Ten again in 2015, this time as #1 in production, #2 for butterfat, and #3 for protein. What an impressive doe!

Onyx's sire is +*B Saada Lavender's Lark out of SGCH Saada Bearly Lavender 4*M herself with a Ex92 EEEE score. Lavender earned her first milking leg in 2007 as a yearling and as a second freshener scored Ex90 with an "E" udder! She is now Ex92 and has never yet been out of the top 5 at National Shows attended. She has been 3rd, 2nd, and 5th at three National shows. In 2010, 2012, and 2013 she was named INBA's All American of her age group for the previous show year. 

Talk about some amazing bloodlines! We couldn't be happier! And all that wrapped up in a big, gorgeous package of black and white spots, those dreamy solid black ears and his sweet puppy dog temperament...what more could a person want in a herdsire?! 

At the 2015 Nationals, Onyx's maternal sister placed 7th in a huge class as an intermediate kid. Onyx's paternal sister, Naberrie, placed 7th in 3 yr old milkers, 5th in produce of dam and 5th in dam/daughter.

2016: Onyx appraised +84 with a VG in Dairy Strength (+V+) and with the appraiser's comment that as tall as he is (50 in Stature because he is 2 inches off the charts), that it may take a little time for him to grow into himself. We are looking forward to seeing his progress in the next year or two!

2017: Onyx appraised wtih Very Good Front Legs and Feet with a Final Score of 84.

Unfortunately ADGA wasn't able to accommodate our herd for the 2018 season so we don't have new linear scores this year.

2018: Onyx's first freshening daughter in our herd, Mischief, is projected to milk 3500 lbs making her a possible Top Ten contender her first lactation and she has a gorgeous, socked-on udder to boot! 

2019: Onyx's 2016 daughter, Mischief, is not only our top producer but also appraised E90 (VVEE). Onyx's first freshening 2017 daughter, Raven, is milking over 9 lbs a day and appraised V88 (VVEV) as a first freshener. Love this buck!

2019 brought the ADGA National Show where Onyx's relatives placed impressively well! Onyx's maternal sister, Tamris Farm Sap's AH Azurite, was 2019 ADGA National Junior Champion! In addition to that impressive accomplishment, junior kids Rose Tico, Malibu Mango and Pink Coral placed 12th, 14th and 19th respectively. These are all daughters of Onyx's maternal brothers. Senior kids Sweet Pop Rocks, Sweet Avalite, Sweet Rock Candy and Sweet Beru placed 3rd, 5th, 7th and 17th. All four are related to our sweet Onyx. Azurite (Onyx maternal sister), Pop Rocks and Avalite (also relatives of Onyx) placed 1st for Best 3 Doelings. PassionDaiquiri placed 1st in yearling milkers; she is sired by Onyx's maternal brother. SGCH Tamris Farm Sap's Red Ruby Ex91 placed 10th in 7 year old milker and above; Red Ruby is Onyx's maternal sister. Tamris Farm also placed 8th dairy herd with Magdelaine (Calvin daughter), Corelia, Daiquiri (sired by Onyx's maternal brother) and Tallie Lintra (Calvin daughter). Daiquiri, Corelia and Tallie Lintra also placed 8th Best 3 Does. 

Both of Onyx's milking daughters in our herd, Mischief and Raven, not only earned their superior genetics in 2019 but also became ELITE does! Once their long, impressive 2019 lactations ended, they finished proving Onyx through daughters allowing him to earn his +B! Mischief also earned her place among the nation's breeder leaders on the 2019 Top Ten list coming in at #3 in milk production, #3 in butterfat production and #9 in protein production.

2020: Onyx's daughter SG Camelot Cattle Co Mischief 2*M Ex90 made the Top Ten breed leader lists again at #1 in milk, #2 in butterfat and #5 in protein as well as making the Elite list again. Onyx himself also made the Elite buck list at 96%.

2021: Onyx's daughter  SG Camelot Cattle Co Mischief 2*M Ex90 made the Top Ten breed leader lists again as well as making the Elite list again.

2022: Onyx appraised excellent in dairy strength, body and front legs and very good in general appearance, head and rear legs with a final score of V87 (VEE). Onyx made the Elite buck list at 97% and his daughters Mischief and Raven made 2022 Elite lists as well.

*Note: We do have a limited amount of semen available for Onyx.

Onyx as a 6 year old (click on thumbnail to view)

Onyx as a yearling (click on thumbnails to view)

Onyx's References

Onyx's Daughters:

Onyx's daughter SG Camelot Cattle Co Mischief 4*M ~Elite Doe and 
multiple time Top Ten Breed Leader in milk, protein and butterfat~:  Mischief's Page

Onyx's daughter SG Camelot Cattle Co Raven 3*M ~Elite Doe~: Raven's Page

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Onyx's Sons:

Onyx's son *B Camelot Cattle Co Oliver Wood: Oliver's Page

More Onyx references:

Onyx daughter, SG Trillium Farm J Onyx's Faith ~ELITE doe~ photo courtesy of Trillium Farm

Tamris Farm Sap's AH Azurite - Onyx's maternal sister
2019 ADGA National Junior Champion - photo courtesy of Tamris Farm

SGCH Tamris Farm Sap's Red Ruby 11*M Ex91 - Onyx's maternal sister
Placed 10th in 7 yr old milker and above at 2019 ADGA National Show - photo courtesy of Tamris Farm