Tinkerbell's Pictures and References

Camelot Cattle Co Tinkerbell

2019 ADGA Nubian Doe

Tinkerbell as a dry yearling

This doeling was born to first freshening Fawkes in a set of triplets - a HUGE buckling, a big doeling, and then a teeny tiny Tinkerbell. She barely weighed 4 pounds soaking wet. Her siblings were sold but I temporarily held onto Tinkerbell since she was so tiny. I needn't have worried though, she was an aggressive eater and very quickly caught up to the other kids in size and weight. She became a very sturdy, hardy doe with tons of body capacity and strength like her dam. 

Tinkerbell as a bottle kid (click on thumbnails to view)


Tinkerbell's dam Top Ten Breed Leader doe Camelot Cattle Co Fawkes 2*M: Fawkes's Page

Top Ten Breed Leader and Elite Sire and Elite +*B buck: Tinkerbell's Sire

Other References

Tinkerbell's dam's full littermate sister Camelot Cattle Co Veela 2*M (maxed out at VG89 as a FF): Veela's Page

Tinkerbell's dam's full littermate sister Camelot Cattle Co Lily 2*M: Lily's Page

Tinkerbell's paternal sister SG Camelot Cattle Co Mischief 2*M Ex90 ~Elite Doe and 
multiple time Top Ten Breed Leader in milk, protein and butterfat~:  Mischief's Page

Tinkerbell's paternal sister SG Camelot Cattle Co Raven 3*M ~Elite Doe~: Raven's Page