Ruby's Pictures and References

Camelot Cattle Co Ruby 2*M V86 (V+VV)

2019 ADGA Nubian Doe


Pictured above as a second freshener.

2019: Ruby, born March 8, 2019, is out of the lovely MeMe and sired by Calvin. Her width and depth is impressive and her breed character is phenomenal! Looking forward to watching this girl mature! 

2021: Ruby was bred to +*B Tamris Farm Sap's Onyx and had a buckling on March 3 with fantastic breed character. Ruby freshened with a very nice udder - well placed teats, impressive attachments with a high, wide rear and very nice dairy quality to it, milking out very quickly with lovely texture.

Ruby was bred to *B Camelot Cattle Co Oliver Wood and had exquisite triplets on March 14, 2022. She freshened with her absolutely gorgeous udder with increased capacity as a second freshener but still with those impressive attachments and quality dairy texture. Her mammary system really can not be faulted. She started 2022 milking 10 lbs right off the bat and quickly increased to almost 11 lbs by her second test. 
Ruby was appraised for the first time this year but unfortunately wasn't looking herself on appraisal day so her score reflects that. She still appraised very good in general appearance, body, mammary, head, front legs, rear legs, feet and back and good rump as well with a final score of V86 (V+VV). 

2023: Ruby was bred to Camelot Cattle Co Moose and had stunning twins on March 16, 2023. She freshened looking very good and milking well, almost 11 lbs on her first 2023 milk test. 

2024: Ruby was bred to *B Camelot Cattle Co Moose Ex91 and had beautiful twins. The doeling is being retained. She looks great and milked almost 12 lbs on her first 2024 milk test.

2025 reserved kid price: $1200 - please check our Breeding Plans to see which buck she will be bred to.

Ruby's second freshening udder ready to milk and milked out

First freshening udder ready to milk and milked out

More pictures of Ruby as a first freshener (click on the thumbnails to view)

Ruby as a dry yearling (click on thumbnails to view)

Pictures of Ruby as a baby (click on thumbnails to view)

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Ruby's Sire

More References

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