Calvin's Pictures and References

GCH +*B Sweet-Spring Calvin Klein Ex91

~Semen Available~

4 year old picture courtesy of Tamris Farm

We were very grateful when given the opportunity to add GCH +*B Sweet-Spring Calvin Klein EX91 to our herd in the fall of 2018. We had admired this buck and his progeny for years. Calvin is the son of the one and only GCH ++*B Kastdemur's Time in a Bottle EX90 ELITE and line bred on ADGA National Premier Sire SG ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service EX91. Calvin was a 2 x GCH as a 2 year old and GCH again as a 3 year old. He is a very tall buck with substantial strength, correct feet/leg and excellent topline. His daughters are proven both in the show ring and in the milk pail with Junior Champions, Best Junior Doe in Show, as well as Superior Genetics and 99% ELITE doe as yearling milkers. We can't wait to see what he can do for us! Calvin is pictured above at 4 yrs old.

*Calvin's 4 yr old picture above and his parents' reference pictures courtesy of Tamris Farms.

2019 brought the ADGA National Show where Calvin's progeny placed very well! Junior kids Rose Tico, Malibu Mango and Pink Coral placed 12th, 14th and 19th respectively. All three are Calvin's granddaughters. Yearling milker Tallie Lintra placed 16th. She is Calvin's daughter. Tamris Farm placed 8th dairy herd with Magdelaine and Tallie Lintra (both Calvin daughters) along with Corelia and Daiquiri (sired by Onyx's maternal brother). Daiquiri, Corelia and Tallie Lintra also placed 8th Best 3 Does. 

While we lost Calvin at 9.5 years of age, we feel fortunate to have his genetics in our herd as well as some semen in the tank to use in the future.

*Note: we do have a limited amount of semen available 

Calvin 6 yrs old, showing his impressive breed character, width and lovely dairy skin

Calvin, coming 9 years old!

Calvin References

Calvin Daughters:

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Calvin Sons:

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Just a few more Calvin daughters - pictures courtesy of Tamris Farm

Tamris Farm CK Tallie Lintra VG86 (VVEV) 1-03 - Calvin daughter

Tallie Lintra placed 16th yearling milker at the 2019 ADGA National Show. She was also in 8th place dairy herd and 8th place Best 3 Does at the 2019 ADGA National Show.

Tamris Farm CK Anya Kurro 8*M VG88 (+EVE) - Calvin daughter

Tamris Farm CK Royal Felucia VG87 (VEEV) - Calvin daughter

Tamris Farm CK Magdelaine Ex90 (VEEE) - Calvin daughter

Calvin's G6S Results