Eye of Odin's Pictures and References

*B Camelot Cattle Co Eye of Odin

2024 ADGA Nubian Buck

Camelot Cattle Co Eye of Odin is out of quads sired by *B Wingwood Farm FA Abraxan, son of Elite doe SGCH Wingwood Farm FA Altima 2*M Ex91 and SGCH +*B Wingwood Farm Finding Atlantis Ex91. Odin's dam is Camelot Cattle Co Mystique 5*M Ex90, daughter of multiple times Elite Top Ten Breed Leader SG Camelot Cattle Co Mischief 4*M Ex90. Mystique maxed out as a first freshener and had the best scoring mammary in our herd with a 43 in fore udder attachment, 46 in rear udder height, and 42 in rear udder arch. She is not only a beautiful doe with a gorgeous mammary but also milked 3578 lbs as a first freshener and peaked near 15 lbs a day as a second freshener last year. I will be shocked if she isn't on the next Top Ten Breed Leader list when ADGA finally releases it. 

I hadn't actually planned on retaining another buckling this year but since Mystique gave us several nice ones to pick from, I decided to hang on to this lovely guy.

Odin's Dam 

Odin's Sire