Charlie's Pictures and References

Camelot Cattle Co Charlie

2019 ADGA Nubian Doe

Pictured at about 8 weeks of age.

Charlie - dry yearling

Charlie's dam, Nubilop-Acres Lytle Puff 1*M VG89

Puff References

Charlie's dam's sister Nubilop-Acres Just Look At Me 1*M VG89

Charlie's sire Camelot Cattle Co Moose as a yearling

Charlie's sire's dam, Nubilop Acres Flirt's Flirty 1*M E90 (VVEE)

Flirty's References

Charlie's sire's maternal sister, Camelot Cattle Co Mischief 2*M Ex90

Charlie's sire's full sister, Camelot Cattle Co Ana photos courtesy of 5M Mini Nubians Farm - milks 13 lbs a day

Charlie's sire's sire, Camelot Cattle Co Chrome VG87

Camelot Cattle Co Dahlia 1*M Ex90 - Chrome's full sister

Chrome's References

Camelot Cattle Co Veela maxed out at VG89 as FF, 2*M pending - Veela is Charlie's maternal sister and Charlie's sire is Veela's sire's son.

Charlie's sire's paternal grandsire, Cozy Creek Camelot Kiko Ex90 pictured as a yearling