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Camelot Cattle Co Dahlia 1*M Ex90 (VVEE)

2015 ADGA Nubian Doe

We have decided to let Dahlia go to a new herd as we have her full brother as a herd sire who has sired a number of does for us and we also kept one of his sons as a junior herd sire. Dahlia's genetics are well represented in our herd and we have to cut back somewhere.

Dahlia has length, width, and excellent body capacity paired with hardiness and a pedigree behind her full of production. Her dam, There She Is, milked 10+ lbs per day as a 2 yr old out of a very well attached udder with a lovely, long fore udder and a high, wide rear udder. She is out of one of the best looking does we've ever seen (Mojave-Dunes PS Violet) who became a permanent champion early in the 2013 show season with 2013 show records including 4X Senior Champion, 1X Reserve Sr. Champion, 6X Best Of Breed, 1X Best Udder Of Breed and 1X Best Doe in Show. She scored excellent in dairy strength, body capacity, and mammary with overall score of EX-90. There She Is's sire's dam scored EX-92 (EEEE) as a 4 year old. Then, of course, Dahlia's sire, Kiko, who scored EX-90 and has his own claim on beautiful, productive goats. Dahlia's full brother is our very own wonderful Camelot Cattle Co Chrome V87 who has given us and others super nice goats that excel in type and production. 

Dahlia has a lovely, well attached udder that is high and wide with a long, smooth foreudder. She milks out quickly and easily with wonderful dairy quality to her udder. She earned her star as a first freshener. Dahlia milked over 11 pounds at just 13 days fresh on our first 2019 test. Last year's lactation at age 2-09 she milked over 2100 lbs milk, 97 lbs fat, 77 lbs protein which are all well over breed averages and qualify her for a star in each category. Dahlia appraised E90 (VVEE) showing excellence in rear legs, back, body and mammary. 

Dahlia settles first cycle every year and kids easily. She had twins as a first freshener and triplets every year since. She is easy to handle, jumps right up on the milk stand and can be hand or machine milked.

We will be letting Dahlia go to a new herd after she freshens in spring of 2020. 


Dahlia at about 3 months of age.


Dahlia References

Olaf the Friendly Steer

Olaf The Friendly Steer is an illustrated book for the whole family to enjoy. It tells a fun, adventurous story based on the truth of Olaf's life here at Camelot Cattle Company. Olaf and all his farm friends in the book are real animals on the farm. The book is available in our store or can be mailed to non-locals. $12.95

We also offer copies of Olaf The Friendly Steer that are signed by the author/illustrator as well as Olaf himself for $20.

Olaf and Friends

Olaf and Friends coloring book is a companion to Olaf the Friendly Steer. It includes fun pictures of the animals from the book as well as other real life animals from the farm and words to color as well. $6.99

Custom Built Horse Drawn Wagon 

We are selling our big, fancy horse-drawn wagon. It's custom built, made out of the highest quality walnut wood, high quality marine stereo system, lights on front and rear as well as small spotlights on the back with toggle switches to control, hydraulic brakes with chrome brake pedal, on-board marine charger easily plugged in to charge marine batteries, bucket seats, underneath storage cage, etc. It has a heavy duty custom-made cover that comes with it as well. Very, very cool wagon. Tongue will work with a team or with four up. Great party wagon and great at chuckwagon races (this wagon is well known at the big races in Clinton, AR). Also, a great wagon for parades. Has a place for a pole in the back for a flag or any other kid of attachment you want to display. The wagon measures 8 feet from outside of one tire to outside of the other. This wagon can't be built for this price! We have more invested in it than we are asking, only $4500! It's one of a kind! Come see it in just don't do it justice! 

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