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We added pigs to our farm in 2014. We brought home three wonderful Berkshire/Spot gilts and I chose Delilah to keep as a breeder due to her impressive build and wonderful temperament. We then added Sampson, a purebred Berkshire boar out of champion lines, to breed her. What we got from that mating was the prettiest, most impressive litter of piglets we've ever seen! Delilah was a wonderful mother, raised all her babies without losing a single one, and kept her fantastic temperament throughout it all. We only regret that she didn't give us a single gilt...they were all boars! Most of them sold as herd sires although a few went as nice feeders. Her second breeding was to Possum, a different registered Berkshire boar and she had another beautiful litter...of all gilts! Beautiful, correct piglets with wonderful temperaments. We retained one, Xena, as a breeder. Some pictures of Delilah's babies from both litters are below.

In 2018 we decided to rehome our pigs in order to focus more on our dairy operation. 

Delilah after weaning her first litter 

Delilah's Aug 2016 farrowing nest

Delilah and her Aug 2016 litter

Delilah's August 2016 litter

This is Xena, our retained gilt from August 2016, pictured at about 5 weeks of age.

Reference Sire: Registered Berkshire boar, Possum. Possum was sired by FBP4 UNDEFIED 1-9, son of BFS1 SEMPER FI 1-1 and out of STPF2 BA JOAN 7-7, daughter of AJCO AJC KAZUNO 6-1. He was born 6-30-15 in a litter of 11. Possum has moved on to a new owner now but we were very fortunate to have had him while we did! He is such a fantastic boar; strong and correct with good movement and such a great temperament! He really stamps his piglets with his excellence. The only reason we sold him was because we kept Xena, one of his beautiful daughters, as a breeder.

Here is Possum shortly after we got him enjoying a belly rub after his milk dinner. :) 

Possum at about 1.5 years of age

Possum with Xena, one of his August 2016 gilts at 12 hours old.


Num 14:8 "If the Lord delight in us, then he will bring us into this land, and give it us; a land which floweth with milk and honey."

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