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 Judges ?5:22 (NIV) Then thundered the horses' hoofs—
       galloping, galloping go his mighty steeds

Psalm 20:7-8 (NIV): Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm.



1995 AQHA Gelding 

Amigo was my first horse. He is very special and will be with me forever. Amigo loves attention and apple treats and still has an endearing love for life. He has an old racing injury to the stifle that slowed him down some and because of that injury now also deals with weight-bearing laminitis in his opposite hind foot. Now that he's in his 20's he also has had a few mild gas colics and is getting a picky appetite. Amigo is a very special horse to me and has special needs which is what prompted me to start my retirement boarding program, for other special elderly horses ready for their golden years. :) To read more about Amigo and see more pictures see his page here:


Boogers Driftn Tivio

2006 AQHA Gelding 

Booger was foaled March 19, 2006. Isn't he gorgeous?!  He is a big horse. He is about 15.3 H and very stout! He is started under saddle, halter broke and picks up all four feet. This horse is as gentle and laid back as they come. He is fearless and kind. He loves attention and loves to be scratched. We bought him to be used for roping and barrel racing and possibly be a stud prospect. We decided to geld him as we have too many horses as is so he is a gelding. He has the looks and the pedigree to do the job. Check out his awesome pedigree!! He is solid bay, no markings and extremely stocky with great conformation. And he is going to be huge!! He has cow breeding on top and race breeding on bottom. He is a very pretty colt and has a cute head. He is sweet and he is easy going and easily trained. He only needed two days to learn how to lead and pick up his feet. He started riding like he'd done it before. He loads and unloads in the trailer and ties up and stands good. He longes like a pro and is very willing to learn. He is an extremely people oriented colt and will do anything to be rubbed on, he's very loveable. He would be a lap horse if we let him! He gets along with other horses, goats, cats, dogs, and children. He looks like he's got halter blood in him, he's so built! He has a very personable nature and loves to please. This horse is going to be something really special!

UPDATE: When Booger is ridden, he acts like he's done it a hundred times. He has been ridden in the arena and in the pasture and on trails. At 2 years old, Booger is already over 15 H and built like a freight train! He is being ridden with saddle and O-ring bit and also bareback in just a halter. He has also been hauled to different locations and arenas to ride and it makes no difference in his attitude. He is very gentle and even after months of no riding, a person can hop on and go ride, no problem. Booger was ridden by a 9 year old girl (she's been riding 1 year) bareback in a halter for his 7th ride and they got along great! Booger has been hauled to local shows and all the commotion of the show environment never phased him. He will ride in the confusion of the warm-up arena, as well as stand quietly while kids run their horses back and forth or those "crazy barrel horses" go running by sideways. This gelding is a gem! 

2010 Update: Booger stands at just under 15.3 H and is a big, stout boy. He is riding like a dream and has the calmest, best attitude you could ask for. He is started on barrels and loping a nice pattern. He is also started over jumps and loves it! He is schooling at 18-20 inches, has jumped 2 feet, and has the ability for more. 

2012 Update: Booger is the ideal all-around horse. He is now schooling in english and western disciplines including but not limited to: barrels, poles, reining, western pleasure, working cowhorse, roping, cutting, competitive trail, hunter under saddle, hunter hack, halter, etc, etc. He is truly amazing and everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with him! He is also being started for bridleless riding! He placed 2nd in his first halter class and 1st in his first trail class! At his second, larger, show I entered him in a few more classes and he placed 1st in gelding/stallion halter, 2nd in hunt seat, 1st in hunter hack (2 ft jumps), and 1st in open trail. He is just raking in the blue ribbons! :)

2013 Update: Booger is good at everything I ask him to do while keeping such a sweet, quiet attitude. In fact, he is so nice to be around that we've decided to use him mainly as our go-to trail horse or just a fun horse to play with and Booger is just loving life! :)

2016 Update: Booger has been started as my mounted archery mount...super fun! His bridleless work is coming in very handy for this!

Booger's Pedigree 


Drifting Blue Tivio

2004 AQHA Gelding 

Drifting Blue Tivio a.k.a. Maverick was foaled April 2004. He is a sweet-natured, willing, and handsome gentleman gelding. He is a genetic brown roan, possibly with a cream gene, but is registered as a blue roan. He has a star and no other markings. His color changes with the seasons but he's always beautiful! Maverick is 92.8% foundation and looks it. He has a huge hip and great conformation and attitude. Maverick leads, picks up all 4 feet, bathes, clips, longes, loads and trailers, etc. He was started the right way at 2 years old and was the easiest colt I've ever trained. I have always been able to do anything I wanted with him. He has continued to be trained the right way in all aspects of his education. He has no buck, rear, or meanness in him. He is gentle and has been around children, dogs, goats, cats, vehicles, and other horses. He is very quiet and nice to be around. He's not scared of anything. He will walk up to people in the pasture wanting attention and following you around, he loves to be caught and comes running when he is called. He is a joy to be around. He is very cowy and has a good head on his shoulders. He would be an awesome cutting horse. He knows exactly what to do with a cow. He's laid back and will do anything his rider asks of him. He is very willing and talented. He moves around on his hocks...he is a really natural stopper and turns on on his rear end. He picks up both leads and is very light and responsive. Neck reining, side passing, and collection are nothing new to him. He is as responsive as they come. He really loves to be ridden and used. He has been ridden on trails, in open pastures, and down the road. Anyone can ride him and get along great. He has been ridden into caves, clear back into the dark, in the water, etc. He has been started on the heeling side and is a natural. The rope never bothered him and he really gets in there and puts you in the right spot. He is also well started on barrels. He is high loping a nice, smooth pattern and is loving it. He is going to be a quick, competitive barrel horse with a great turning style. He has been brought along slowly and correctly. He is ready to be hauled...he's been hauled some and did great already. He is a bold, intelligent horse. I cannot say enough about this guy...he's the best. As time passes Maverick becomes even better looking and he has gotten very stout. Maverick is right at 15 H. Maverick has also been ridden english and taken over jumps and he loves it. He would be a pretty english/dressage/jumping horse as well. He knows collection, side passing, leg yeild, and will ride in all english tack and just an O-ring snaffle. He is lots of fun! Maverick is barefoot and can be ridden anywhere and he stays sound and sure-footed. He has great feet! Maverick can sit in the pasture for months and then be saddled and go work with no problems. No vices, soundness issues, or health problems.

This horse is awesome and will do great with a serious competitor, he has the potential to go pro, whether barrels, roping, penning, cutting, reining, or even english....he can do it all. He is really coming along well on barrels and poles and won a belt buckle and other prizes in several local series for the 2011 season.

2012 update: Maverick is now winning in local jackpots consistently! He is very automatic, just let him do his job and enjoy the ride! But he is not hot and will trot the pattern on loose rein if asked. Love this horse! :) He also places well in halter classes! :)

2013 Update: Maverick is what I would consider finished now and is doing very well at barrel races this year. 



2009 AFA Friesian Sporthorse Filly

This gorgeous filly is out of Pistol and a purebred Friesian stallion, Zayin. Her name is Mirage. She was born September 20, 2009. She is going to be a gorgeous girl and looks like a full friesian! Solid, coal black with just a star and snip for chrome...very flashy with nice upright, big-boned Friesian build. Lots of presence already at only hours old and now coming up on a year is unbelievable!  At one year old Mirage stood 15 H, at 3 she's over 16 H! She is already started on saddled ground work and longing and doing great! She is very intelligent and her movement is unbelievable!

2013: Mirage is being started in dressage training and is going to be phenomenal! 

2014: Due to our busy schedule Mirage's training has been very spotty but every time I work with her, she has been wonderful to work with and her movement is to die for!

2015: This mare is a pleasure to work with and is going well under saddle. Even green, she is a solid, steady trail horse. Walk, trot, and canter are all equally fantastic on her...she is just a dream come true! :)


Ikes Dash For Cash

2015 AQHA Gelding

Ikes Dash For Cash was born May 22, 2015 out of Showtime Magic and sired by Ikes Tivio. This makes him a maternal brother to the stud we bred a raised, FieryDashOfMoonshine and a paternal brother to our geldings, Booger and Maverick. He doesn't have much of a chance to be anything besides fantastic! :) Pictured as a long yearling. He has his own page here:


Santana Eternal Gold

1991 AQHA Gelding

Brakes is an awesome all-around ranch gelding. He is registered with AQHA, born in 1991. He is broke and gentle for anyone to ride. He has been mainly used for ranch work, cattle work, team penning and sorting, trail riding, and is now being used in riding lessons for kids as well. This horse will ride anywhere he's pointed. He's seen it all, been to chuckwagon races, ridden around all kinds of chaos. He's broke, broke, broke. He is sound and healthy. Easy keeper, no vices. Awesome horse! This is a very solid and dependable boy...solid gold at the end of the rainbow. :)

Unfortunately we lost Brakes in 2017 at 26 years of age.

 Polly and Pete

1999-2000(?) Haflinger Mare and Gelding

Pete and Polly are beautiful, matched haflingers. They pull four-up, double, and single as well as riding. They are just a touch over 13 H, stout, beautiful ponies. The haflingers have been used in riding lessons and for trail rides. They are an easy driving and riding team that were posssibly born somewhere around 1999-2000.

Polly also likes to play dress up. ;) 

Seco Rapid Bay

2005 AQHA Gelding

Seco is a really nice 2005 quarter horse gelding with Dry Doc and Doc O' Lena on his papers. He has had over 6 months of professional reining training. He rides like a cadillac and looks good doing it! He knows spins, sliding stops, lead changes, etc. He is a ton of fun to ride!

2012 update: Seco placed first at his first show in reining and placed in his first western pleasure class as well!

Deuces Mr Blackburn

1999 AQHA Gelding 

Deuce is a 1999 foundation bred quarter horse. He is our go-to horse for all beginners and advanced riders alike. He is a very laid back gelding who prefers to take life easy but does have get up and go when asked. He loves to work cattle and also knows the barrel pattern. Very fun horse to ride!  


2003(?) Grade Stock Pony (sale barn rescue)

Snickers joined our herd in January of 2022. She was run through a sale barn. Her story was that she used to be an old ranch pony and had obviously not been given the care all horses need, especially senior horses, such as regular dental care. A friend of mine found her at the sale barn, the picture of neglect, which is how we ended up with her. We had her teeth done within days of getting her and discovered among other things that she could not even close her mouth fully due to sharp tooth points digging into her gums. Thankfully all her dental issues were fixable and we found out she is only about 19 years old (we were assuming much older). Vet also found that her ear was torn almost completely off at some point in her life and healed back on it's own (presumably with no vet care) giving it that wonky look but no lasting issues besides cosmetics. She spent several months steadily gaining weight, health and spirits and once this sweet old lady felt good again, she started her new career of being our kids' pony!

Pictured in comparison pictures at the time we got her and then just a few months later.


2014 AQHA Stallion (Reference)

Moonshine was born April 16, 2014 out of our wonderful mare, Magic, sired by none other than VF Moon Fire, own son of Fire Water Flit. This is a colt that we are very excited about. Check out this pedigree:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/fierydashofmoonshine. His pedigree is outstanding, he is well built, very intelligent and he is showing great promise to be a true athlete. His pedigree shows us that he is capable of amazing things…

A Proven Barrel Horse and Sire..VF Moon Fire has placed at Futurities and PRCA/WPRA Rodeos in his first year of competition. He has a super disposition and is a natural on the barrels. VF Moon Fire has earned over $48,000 in barrel racing. He is passing on his good looks and athletic ability to his colts. His offspring are placing at pro rodeos and futurities around the country earning over $120,000. VF Moon Fire is sired by the great barrel horse, Fire Water Flit whose progeny have earnings exceeding $1,500,000. Dam is Miss Moon Classic, SI 88. Her pedigree is Top Moon, one of the greatest maternal and paternal sire of race and barrel horses. Plus: King, Leo and Rocket Bar. Half sister...Firewater Fiesta, 2 time NFR Qualifier, 2 time AQHA/WPRA Barrel Horse of the year, LTE over $425,000. Fire Water Flit remains one of the leading barrel horse sires of today. He has been on the list of leading sires year after year, and with an unusually high number of winning barrel horses contributing to his successful winnings record. That indicates many different mares, different types of mares, and many different riders are successfully winning riding his offspring. He was the product of crossing a NFR qualifying mare with Flit Bar, sire of great and successful arena horses of all types. Flit Bar is representative of what has become known as a "magic cross", Leo daughters bred to the great Sugar Bars. Slash J Harletta, his dam, was so successful as a producer of winning barrel horses that her offspring have been referred to as a 'dynasty'. Moonshine is a part of this dynasty.

Moonshine's dam is an own daughter of Special Show with SI-99/AAA/ROM, earner of $150,812, won Black Gold 440 Futurity, 2nd Black Gold Derby, sire of earners of over $1,149,921. Special Show is son of the one and only Special Effort SI-104/AAAT/ROM, earner of $1,219,948, AQHA Hall of Fame 2008, won All American Futurity, Rainbow Futurity, Kansas Futurity, AQHA Triple Crown Winner, World Champion Race Horse, Champion 2 year old, At 3: Won Kansas Derby, 3rd-All American Derby. Champion 3 year old. With 1,373 starters in 20 crops raced at the time of his death, Special Effort has been represented by 877 winners, including 73 stakes winners that scored in 126 stakes, 91 stakes placers and the earners of $18,162,615. And of course Special Show's dam, an Easy Jet daughter, was special in her own right with SI-107/AAAT/ROM, dam of 3 foals all winners/ROM. And let's not forget Magic's maternal line which is just as impressive! Magic is out of an own daughter of Dashing Cleat, AQHA Race SI-111/AAAT/ROM, earner of $77,872 (at 2 and 3 yrs), 12th leading barrel sire for 2002, offspring earnings: $46,461, average per offspring $7,744, 6 race money earners over $100,000, progeny earnings total over $4.5 million. 

We really expect spectacular things out of this colt! :)

Moonshine is 5 panel Negative, DNA typed, and is genetically ee Aa (sorrel and heterozygous for Agouti).

Moonshine's sire, VF Moonfire

 Showtime Magic

2005 AQHA Mare (Reference Mare)

Showtime Magic is a beautiful 2005 sorrel mare with a very impressive pedigree. Horses such as Special Effort, Easy Jet, and First Down Dash are on her papers! You can see her complete bloodlines here:  http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/showtime+magic. Magic is a sweet, easy to handle and laid back mare with an impressive background in barrel racing herself.

Magic was bred to VF Moon Fire, an amazing palomino stallion with an impressive background in barrel racing. He is an own son of FIrewater Flit and out of a Top Moon mare. Magic foaled 4-16-14 with a very handsome stud colt AQHA FieryDashOfMoonshine...pictured below in his own section. His sire is now in Brazil so this colt was one of the last VF Moon Fire foals that will be hitting the ground in the U.S.! 

Magic was bred to the sire of our two wonderful geldings, Boogers Driftn Tivio and Drifting Blue Tivio...Ikes Tivio. A gorgeous dark/sooty buckskin (possibly smokey brown/brownskin) with an abundance of cow sense and proven progeny. Magic gave us a beautiful bay stud colt 5-22-15. He is no less fantastic than we expected! :)

Pictured above at about 5 months pregnant and in rodeo shape below.


Pistol Packing Zippo

2002 APHA Mare (Reference Mare)

Pistol Packing Zippo a.k.a. Pistol, is a 16 H, 1250 lb, 2002 mare with performance, race, and halter bloodlines. Check out her awesome pedigree!! Pistol is bred to do anything, has perfect conformation and is very broke. She will spin a hole in the ground, stop on a dime, side pass, etc. She is an awesome all-around horse. She is suitable for any discipline...she moves like a dressage horse and is athletic enough to run barrels, rope off of or jump. She has more athletic ability than any horse needs, has great cattle sense, is well-started on barrels, high lopes with good turns, ready to be taken on and hauled. She is also started on poles as well. She has a kind heart. She has worked cattle and had a rope swung off of her. She is very cowy. She will track a cow with very little help. She has dragged heavy logs dallied to her saddle horn. She loves to pull and work. She is not spooky and is a wonderful trail horse. She goes wherever you point her. She has a competitive spirit and a willing to work attitude. She will ride western and english. She has a little experience in jumping and dressage as well as western events. She has siblings running barrels and roping in the rodeo circuit and doing very well.
I have had her since she turned two and broke her to ride myself so I know everything about this mare. I also broke three of her siblings to ride, I ran barrels on her brother for years and he is now running barrels for a 9 year old girl and winning like crazy! I've ridden her mother as well. Her family is well-known to me and they are all really nice horses. She has been taken care of since day one and is up to date on all vaccinations and worming. She will bath, clip, shoe, load, trailer, etc. She has no vices or health/soundness issues. No holes whatsoever!
She was bred to Ikes Tivio, a Poco Tivio, Driftwood, Ed Echols stud, for an '07 foal. She had a very cute bay filly "Cricket" with a big blaze and three white socks on June 20th, 2007. This filly is extremely nice! She is built out the wazoo with muscle everywhere and lots of pizazz! She looks like a halter horse but has a performance pedigree...and boy, can she move! Great personality and spirit. Everyone, who comes to our place, comments on what a looker she is. She is the most friendly little filly I've ever been around. There is a picture of her below for reference but she now lives with her new owner in Illinois. Pistol's '08 colt, "Stormy", is an absolutely stunning bay roan tovero and was sold as a potential cattle and barrel horse. Her '09 baby is Mirage, a beautiful Fresian sporthorse filly you can see in her own section. And her latest filly, a Gypsy Sporthorse is also listed on here as Twilight's Gypsy. We call her Bella. Pistol is an awesome mom, she has no trouble concieving and no trouble foaling. She has plenty of milk and is a great broodmare. She is very tolerant of people being around her baby and will let you get between her and the foal. She just talks to her the whole time, telling her it's okay. She is protective of her around other horses but not overly aggressive. The perfect all-around mare!! 

2012 Update: Pistol is being slowly brought back to riding shape (after several years maternity leave) for the 2012 show season. I'm hoping to get her going in hunt seat, hunter hack, working cowhorse, barrels, and poles. In her first halter show she got 3rd in the color class and 1st in the mare class! In her second, larger, show she placed first in the mare class again against even more horses! She also placed first in her first hunt seat class! Watch for her this year! She really is amazing! 

2013: This mare went to a fantastic dressage home this year. She remains on our website as a reference as we retained her daughter, Mirage. 

Pistol's Pedigree                                                        

Twilights Gypsy

2011 GCDHA Gypsy Sporthorse Filly (Reference)

Twilight's Gypsy is a beautiful Gypsy Sporthorse out of Pistol and sired by the sweet Gypsy Vanner stallion, History Maker. We call her Bella. She was born September 19, 2011. She is a beautiful girl and will be a wonderful future mount and driving horse. She is one of the stoutest foals I've ever seen and already enjoys a good brushing. At only 4 weeks old she already has amazing feathering on her legs. Pictured above and below on May 12, 2013. 

Update: Bella is halter broke and weaned. Looks amazing, she is stout and going to have hair and feathering everywhere!

2013 Update: In ground training and is very intelligent and willing and up for a challenge...really amazing! Will be started in harness this fall.

SOLD! Congrats to Bella's new mom, Juliana! Bella is also out of PIstol so is a half sister to our beautiful Mirage! :)



Job 39:19-25 (New International Version)

19 "Do you give the horse his strength
       or clothe his neck with a flowing mane?

 20 Do you make him leap like a locust,
       striking terror with his proud snorting?

 21 He paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength,
       and charges into the fray.

 22 He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing;
he does not shy away from the sword.

 23 The quiver rattles against his side,
       along with the flashing spear and lance.

 24 In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground;
       he cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.

 25 At the blast of the trumpet he snorts, 'Aha!'
       He catches the scent of battle from afar,
       the shout of commanders and the battle cry.

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