Abraxan's Pictures and References

*B Wingwood Farm FA Abraxan

2021 ADGA Nubian Buck

2021: *B Wingwood Farm FA Abraxan is an exciting addition to our herd, out of Elite doe SGCH Wingwood Farm Lucky Altima 2*M Ex91 and sired by SGCH +*B Wingwood Farm Finding Atlantis Ex91. We could not be more pleased with the genetics Abraxan is bringing into our herd.

What the owner of Atlantis has to say about him: "He has a look that brings to mind the word 'extreme'... as he is extremely tall, long, smooth, and stylish. His biggest asset is his striking angularity and openness, smoothness of blending, sharpness and upstandingness, as well as plenty of length and stretch. He is extremely wide and high into the escutcheon and has a long, wide, flat rump. I am 'extremely' pleased with my Atlantis kids. They all show improved dairyness with long, lean necks, flatness and length of bone, and sharpness at the withers. I see improved general appearance with smoothness of blending in the front end and width and length of rump, and open, arched escutcheons. Atlantis is gaining the power, strength of general appearance and outstanding mammary attachment from his sire's side and the beauty, dairy character, and will to milk in his dam's side."

What the owner of Altima has to say about her: "Altima is one of our most balanced does. She excels in general appearance with strong feet and legs, a smoothly blended front end and nearly ideal breed character. She is very angular and dairy with an extremely well attached mammary system. She is also a very good milker milking over 2500 lbs even with single kids. In 2019 she had a stellar year in the show ring placing 3rd at the national show and was Best Doe in Show at the highly competitive Sonoma County Fair. She is also turning out to be an outstanding brood doe with her and her daughter, SG Amber, placing first in the Dam & Daughter class at the 2019 National Show."

Abraxan definitely has the look of quality and even straight out of his shipping crate after a long flight, the impressive traits from both of his parents were shining through. We are looking forward to seeing what Abraxan can do in our herd!

2022: Abraxan was scored as a yearling this year. He was appraised with excellent front legs and very good in all three categories - general appearance, dairy strength and body - as well as head, shoulder assembly and rump with an overall score of V87 (VVV).

Abraxan's references - photos courtesy of Wingwood Farm and Hoanbu Dairy Goats

Abraxan at 9 months old (click on thumbnails to view)

Abraxan as a bottle kid (click on thumbnails to view)