Mordecai's Pictures and References

*B Camelot Cattle Co Mordecai

2019 ADGA Nubian Buck

Mordecai pictured as a yearling - spring 2020

Spring 2019

Pictured around 8 weeks of age

Mordecai's full sister Camelot Cattle Co Mischief 2*M E90 (VVEE)

Mordecai's dam Nubilop-Acres Flirt's Flirty 1*M Ex90

Flirty's references

Mordecai's sire, Onyx, references - pictures courtesy of Tamris Farm

Mordecai's first freshening 2 yr old paternal sister, Camelot Cattle Co Raven VG88 (3*M pending)

Mordecai's paternal sister, SG Trillium Farm J Onyx's Faith ELITE, picture courtesy of Trillium Farm

Mordecai's sire's sister, Tamris Farm Sap's AH Azurite, was 2019 ADGA National Junior Champion as well as 1 x RCH REDGA Dry Yearling and 1 x GCH Best Junior Doe in Show HCGA - picture courtesy of Tamris Farm.

SGCH Tamris Farm Sap's Red Ruby Ex91, daughter of Mordecai's sire's dam, placed 10th in 7 year old milker and above at 2019 ADGA National Show. In addition she has been Best Doe in Show, multiple time Grand Champion, multiple time Best in Breed. ~picture courtesy of Tamris Farm~

Tamris Farm DT PassionDaiquiri, sired by Mordecai's sire's brother, placed 1st in yearling milkers at 2019 ADGA Nationals - picture courtesy of Tamris Farm.