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I offer customized artwork at reasonable rates. I specialize in portraits of horses, dogs, goats, cattle, and other pets and livestock. With every work of art, I always do my best to capture your subject's individual personality in life-like detail. These beautiful portraits will be cherished by your family for many years to come. It is a great way to recognize those who mean so much to us. If you have a picture of it, I can draw or paint it but the pictures do need to be high quality photos. If you need photographs taken, I can help with that too!

In addition to two dimensional mediums such as paint, pencil, pastel, etc, I also work with ceramics and make a wide range of sculptures such as livestock busts, magnets, statuettes, etc. 

If you would like to order custom artwork, please contact me by email at Because of the wide range of possibilities for your custom artwork, please contact me and we'll work out a fair price for exactly what you're wanting.

I do have finished artwork available for sale. Originals will be offered for sale as well as prints. If you want a print of any of the art you see just let me know and I will look into having it custom printed to the size you want.

I enjoy a variety of different styles of art from photorealism to abstract and impressionism to composite styles so be sure to scroll all the way down to see all the styles available.

Artwork is being added to this page continuously so check back for artwork as it is added.

Here are the pieces that are available in our on-site store as originals and/or prints.


Acrylic on canvas


Acrylic on canvas


Ceramic Magnet painted with Acrylics (reference photo on the right)

These are some commissioned pieces I've done in the past.


16x20 Acrylic

"Champion Doe"

Oil Pastel/Colored Pencil


Oil Pastel/Colored Pencil


Ceramic Statuette painted with Acrylics (reference photo bottom right)


Oil Pastel


Oil Pastel



"First Love"



Oil Pastel


8x10 Acrylic

"Honu Hula"

16x20 Acrylic

Here are some original acrylic paintings available in our store.


8x8 Acrylic on canvas


8x20 Acrylic on canvas

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