October was a busy month for us! We started the month with a mess in the store as I’m sure many of you have noticed. However, now we will have a reliable source of heat for the store as our new fireplace is fully installed and ready for colder weather (although that can still wait a while; we are in no hurry to be breaking ice for all the livestock)!

We also have gotten all of the 11 does we needed bred this year bred for new bundles of joy in the spring. We will have kids sired by 4 different bucks including our new guy all the way from the west coast and boy, are we looking forward to seeing what we get! We have never had so many does kidding at once…considering our does typically have triplets and sometimes quads, we may be drowning in goat kids come March!

We had one Jersey calf born in October out of the cow we call Monkey. She was overdue several days but finally had her calf just before Halloween. We bred a couple of Jerseys this month as well so we have adorable little Jersey sweethearts to look forward to next summer.

I have also been pretty busy in my art studio so you may start seeing some more of my art pieces in the store. The few that have been in there from the time we opened are the style I have been doing all my life: photorealism. I have been expanding to include more abstract, whimsical and composite art as well. There isn’t nearly enough wall space to display it all so I’m working on some way to make all that is available view-able to those interested. If anyone has ideas, feel free to shoot them my way!

You may have also noticed that we now have local, raw honey available in the store. This is from Marc's kinfolk, Brian and Monica Crouch. It is completely separate from our business so be sure if you purchase their delicious 'Bee Spit' that the honey money gets put in their honey can. I can testify that it is yummy stuff and it is what I use in my soaps that include honey, like the popular Honey Oatmeal and Luxury Facial goat milk soaps.

Now, on to November! J